Gauss 54 Protest against Mobile Phone in Oze Area

Part of Oze area that belongs to the Nikko National Park is known that we can not use mobile phone. However, it will change from this summer, because a plan to set up two cell towers in Oze area is under considerations. If it comes true, the area with 2 to 3 km diameter will be available for mobile phone.

During the high season only that is from the begging of June to the beginning of November, six public phones by the satellite communication are exceptionally set up for the public convenience in Oze area. However, cell phone was useless under this service. Therefore, some mountain hut has been complaining that it is inconvenience for the emergent rescue.
(Asahi News paper 6 Feb 2002)

It is said that mountain hut people appreciate the new project of the cell towers on the reason that it will help for risk management. It is also said that the Office of Natural Conservation in the Ministry of Environment stands the position that the project is no problem with respect to the scenic beauty under the current construction method. On the contrary, however, there is strong protest from the National Conservation Society of Japan (NACS-J, . On 14 Feb 2001, NACS-J submitted the opinion paper regarding the settlement of the cell towers in the Oze Special Conservation Area in the Nikko National Park to the Ministry of Environment. In the paper, NACS-K stresses the necessity of public hearing on this project.

Following is the summary of the opinion paper.

1, Cell tower destroy the value of Oze Special Conservation Area. Cell tower and the Oze Special Conservation Area do not match each other from the point of the basic idea that Oze is the invaluable place for public to touch with nature.

2, In terms of cell phone users’ manner, the Ministry of Environment says they will call for attention to the users. However, there is no guarantee that such attention will work out to keep the silence in Oze Area. It is important to remind the fact that there are still many people who never refrain from using the cell phone in the train regardless of the continual announcement for the public manner.

3, In terms of the hypothesis that cell phone will be useful for the risk management such as emergent rescue, there are some negative proof. Some cases in the National Mountain Parks show that cell phone only promoted the useless call for non-emergent rescuers. It means that the more the cell phone are available, the more the careless and non experienced visitors are increased, and the lesser chances are left for the genuinely emergent rescue.

4, Ministry of Environment should decide the plane for reservation and use of the National Park under the more opened discussion with citizens. The coming revision of the National Park Law in this year should consider the public participation for the decision making seriously.

Gauss 55 Giving Up the Plan for the Cell Tower in Oze Area

On 11 May 2002, NTT DoCoMo announced that they gave up the project to set the cell phone tower in the Oze Special Conservation Area in the Nikko National Park. Gunma Prefecture requested NTT DoCoMo to rethink of the plan on the reason that the alarming sounds of the mobile phone might destroy the beauty and silence of Oze Area.
The construction work has been frozen for a while. Katashina-Village in which the Oze Area is located agreed with NTT DoCoMo to cancel the plan. However, the Katashina-Village requested NTT DoCoMo to set the tower in some area
(Mainichi News Paper 22 May 2002)


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