Gauss Tsushin No.56

Ohita District Court: Elementary School Girlfs Witness Hit the Gallery

In Kyushu aria, five court cases relating microwave issues are going on between local residence and NTT DoCoMo Kyushu. Among other things, the Ohita District case is noteworthy because it is the first case brought by children against NTT DoCoMo that runs cell phone base at Haruki Area in Beppu City.

On 25th July 2002, the fifth examination was held at the court and an elementary school girl aged 11 took the witness stand. Her witness hit the gallery by expressing her fire and anger against NTT DoCoMo from a child point of view. It was during summer holiday and the largest gallery in the Ohita District Court was filled with 35 children and 80 adults including their parents.

(A Girlfs Witness)
eWhat I want to say at the courtf

I believe ehealthf is very important. And eto livef is also very important. These two invaluable things may be lost by microwave. I can not stand for being exposed by microwave that may be risky. I have to tell you about what I really want to say here in the court. That why, I decided to took the witness stand.

I feel my future may depend on this trial. Not only myself, but also many other childrenfs future are relying on the trial, I think. If microwave are risky enough to cause leukemia and cancer, how can you say? Itfs the end of the world.
To my luck, some adults in our area helped us to know the danger of microwave and gave us the chance to brought the issue into the court.
I can not forgive NTT DoCoMo Kyusyufs lie and violence against us.
I myself began to feel that I have to start something. Then, I decided to express my opinion here in the court.

Firstly about the Haruki Aria. In this area, many school children and little kids are living. Many of us are making efforts with big dream to future. Please imagine how you would feel if you grown up after lots of efforts from your childfood just to be sick in leukemia or cancer by microwave?

Thinking of the idea that microwave is harmful enough made me scarily. If microwave is harmful, I would hear a bad news about my friend who get leukemia once we grown up. Who would be happy to know such news of onefs friend? No one hate it. Who would be happy to attend to a friendfs funeral? It would be worse in the case that the victim is so young. We have to think that such a sad story might happen on us and on babies those who are to be born from now on.

More over, NTTfs response to cell tower is nothing but irrational. They never do any scientific experience. They only shout esafef and esafef. The best excuse for them is that they are only one three thousandth of national standard. However, from my point of view, they rely on very soft standard in the name of national standard. I know national standard is always too easy to be responsible to our life. Who can accept such standard? Is it safe enough to protect our health, dream and future? Who are you if you do not doubt such easy standard?

Yes, I got that NTT DoCOMo Kyusyu is happy to get money by R&D for cell phone that appeals to young stars. NTT has no interest to safety study.

Then, I realized one more important fact. We, children in this area, are the test animals for NTT. I feel that NTT are making the real experiment by providing microwave. However, I can not offer my life for such business.

We have a dream and a strong will to live. We are children to create future society. We are not the test animals for business people who are crazy to earn money. Our life is never for their interests.

Furthermore, I can spot NTTfs irrational behavior.
I believe normal people avoid something risky and likely risky. It is no way if things are clearly risky. On the contrary, NTT offers us something risky, while they earn money. They are earning money while they run the tower. Isnft it strange?

I believe NTT has no right to promote cell tower that may deprive our lives. NTT is irresponsible company that never say anything but national standard.


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